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To encourage protection and restoration of waters, wildlife, forest and field; work toward the elimination of pollution in all forms; discourage unwise drainage of wetlands; seek wise land and water use for migratory waterfowl hunting; nurture and improve wildlife stocks; restore and rehabilitate wildlife environment. To aid youths and adults, through conservation education, to recognize resource conservation as vital to the perpetuation of the sport of migratory waterfowl hunting. To seek an end to methods, programs and activities detrimental to migratory waterfowl hunting. To cooperate with county, state, federal and private conservation agencies in developing, improving, strengthening and implementing fair and practical programs of maximum public utilization of migratory waterfowl hunting areas within the confines of good conservation practices. To promote highest standards of sportsmanship and to strengthen understanding and cooperation between migratory waterfowl hunters and regulatory agencies.

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Migratory Waterfowl Hunters is the oldest and largest

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